Since 2008, The Texas Public Purchasing Association (TxPPA) has provided meaningful and relevant professional development opportunities for our members through educational and networking opportunities designed to deliver current information on a variety of public procurement topics and strengthening professional relationships with others in the industry.

We strive to make public purchasing in Texas the most efficient and effective in the nation.

An independent multi-agency organization, our members represent state agencies, colleges and universities, county governments, municipalities, authorities and school districts in Texas.

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Our Missions and Goals

TxPPA's vision is to advance the efficacy of our membership and the profession through:

Establishment of cooperative relationships among its members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and practices in the field of public procurement.

Promotion of the highest ethical standards of conduct in the performance of public and non-profit purchasing.

Advancement of uniform public purchasing laws and simplified standards and specifications.

Provision of informed counsel to others responsible for the formulation and promulgation of policies, rules and laws which directly or indirectly affect the process of public and non-profit purchasing.

Collection and dissemination of relevant information to improve professional development for its members.

Promotion of the interchange of ideas and experiences within the public purchasing profession.

Encouragement of research and investigation in public purchasing, and sponsorship of other such activities as may be useful in providing its members with knowledge for efficient and effective procurement.

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