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The Texas Public Purchasing Association (TxPPA) welcomes new members and encourages participation from all facets of state and local government. TxPPA members represent cities, counties, schools, colleges, universities, special districts and state agencies.

We invite all Texas public purchasing professionals to join and further themselves professionally and contribute to efficient and effective public purchasing in Texas. Learn more about the benefits of membership here.

Our membership runs from January 1 through December 31st.

For-profit suppliers of goods or services (vendors) that market to or may potentially provide goods and services to a public agency are not eligible for membership.


Membership Levels and Requirements

Individual Membership: Available to any state, county, municipal, special district, publicly owned utility, school, federal (with an office in Texas), or publicly-funded non-profit employee in good standing, and primarily responsible for the purchasing or materials management function of their respective agency.

Each individual membership is assigned to the individual and stays with the individual should he/she leave that agency.

Agency Membership: Any entity as described above that is the employer of personnel primarily responsible for the purchasing or materials management function of their respective agency.

Membership benefits are only available for one named employee for which the membership dues are paid. Each membership is assigned to that employee, but the membership stays with the agency should an employee leave.

A replacement employee may assume the remainder of the existing membership until it expires on December 31st.

Associate Membership: An associate membership may be held by any person indirectly involved in public sector or non-profit purchasing, and meeting certain job-related criteria.

Examples of eligible employment positions include elected officials, department heads or employees in related fields, judges, commissioners, treasurers, auditors, financial officers, city managers, and other categories.

Student Membership: Any full-time college student majoring in Business or Purchasing. (Subject to approval by Board of Directors).

Retired Membership: Any prior individual or agency member of the Association, retired from active employment, upon payment of the annual retired membership fee, is eligible for membership in the Association.

Lifetime Membership: Lifetime Membership candidates must be persons who have retired from active employment, former members of Texas Public Purchasing Association, or non-members who have made distinguished contributions to the purchasing profession and the Texas Public Purchasing Association. Nominations for Lifetime membership may be made by any member in good standing at any time. Lifetime Member status may only be approved by the Board of Directors. 

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For more information on membership and eligibility requirementsplease contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions.